Italcrips presents ItalPermeo, a new idea for permeable pavement

italpermeo pavimento permeabile

There are companies that have a passion for the work they do, their desire to continually evolve and develop new techniques and solutions in order to meet the most difficult client’s needs.

This is what Italcrips sets out to do. Thanks to a team of experts they have managed to develop a product for high performance external pavement that is also very decorative: Italpermeo.

What is Italpermeo


This is a highly porous material that combines the characteristics of resistance and durability just like a concrete based product and the characteristics of permeability of loose materials.

The experiments and research carried out in our labs have allowed us to make it an architecturally adaptable material allowing for technologically advanced projects without neglecting the aesthetical effects.

Basically it’s an innovative material that is technologically advanced and pleasing to the eye.

The advantages of Italpermeo

Choosing Italpermeo allows for the realisation of pavements completely eliminating the costs and problems of gathering, deviating and eliminating the flow of rainwater without modifiying the normal recycling processes of underlying groundwater.

Alternatively, the use of Italpermeo on projects can implement systems of gathering of rainwater and its eventual storage.

The extreme flexibility in the mix of its design together with the specialisation of the laying of the product makes it easy to produce footpaths, bikepaths and streets leaving the designer an ample choice of colour combination and/or three dimensionality design of the surface structure.

Technical features
    • Permeabiliy >200 lt/m2/min
    • Density 1750 kg/m3
    • Resistance to compression 7 days >7MPa
    • Porosity >15%


  • Resistance to compression 28 days >15MPa
  • Flex Strenght >2MPa

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